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France’s Macron announces ‘crack down’ on ‘Islamist separatism’ (video)

English Edition, video 20 Feb 2020 - 10:51 AM
Συντάκτης: TheViewer Editor

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday that France would crack down on Islamist separatism and would end a system in which foreign countries send imams to preach in French mosques.

The aim, Macron said, is to “reduce foreign influence” and “ensure that the laws of the Republic are respected by everyone”.

The French president spoke of what he described as the fight against “separatism” in a speech given in Mulhouse, eastern France.

Morocco, Algeria and Turkey send 300 imams to France every year, Macron said, adding that the ones arriving in 2020 would be the last.

Macron said that France has agreed on stopping the system with all the countries involved but Turkey.

“I will not let any country feed separatism”, the French president said.

France’s Muslim community is the biggest in Europe. / euronews


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