Will Greek Christian Orthodox people ‘obey’ to the quarantine the Holy Week?

English Edition 11 Apr 2020 - 8:35 PM
Συντάκτης: TheViewer Editor

The worship places for all denominations and all religions will remain closed to the public during the Holy Week, as Nikos Chardalias clarified a while ago at his recent briefing of the citizens on coronavirus issues.

The Holy Week for the Greek Orthodox Christians begins on this Monday the 13th of April and the faithful all over Greece and overseas are supposed to celebrate without their customs.

Decisions of the Greek government about the continuance of ‘quarantine’ in country, created big dissatisfaction to the people who have to ‘stay home’ and not going to the churches as every year.

The Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management made clear that: “Claims reported in various media that some worship places of other religions will remain open during the Holy Week are utterly unsubstantiated and unwarranted.”

It is still uncertain if the Greeks will try to attend the liturgies especially during the Good Friday and the Easter Saturday where orthodox people want to participate to the celebrations, following the ancient custom. / theviewer / P.D. 

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