Two men accused of rape, torture and murder of university 21 year old student in Rhodes island of Greece

English Edition 2 Feb 2020 - 1:10 PM
Συντάκτης: TheViewer Editor
Two men (a 22-year-old Greek and a 20-year-old Albanian national) accused of gang-raping and murdering a university student (Eleni Topaloudi) on the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes, in November 2019. 
During the second day of the trial, details about rape and murder disclosued that the victim was raped and tortured. She was trhowned alive to the sea.
The body of Topaloudi was found in the sea by the coast guard on November 28, 2019.
Presenting information on the case during the inquiry, the coast guard said Topaloudi was first punched in the face and then hit on the head with an iron. She was alive and begging her murders to take her to the hospital.
She was then transponrted at a beach and thrown into the sea where where she drowned.
The Greek killer went to the coast guard in Rhodes and confessed. The coast guard said: ‘Why you did that? God will punish you’.
The judge was very strict with victim’s father. ‘The case is in the hands of Justice. Stop talking to media and say that you wil take the Law on your own hands’.
The trial tinued in Athens court and not in Rhodes, on 14th of February 2020 with depositions of policemen and more  witnesses. / theviewer – english edition

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